What Does “Lyghtly” Mean?

“Lyghtly” speaks of so many things that we represent, including the following:

Lyght Environment

We wanted to create a place where the atmosphere is “lyght” and not cumbersome with too much information and monitoring. This is “your” space to find instructors for lessons that are local to you; we’re just the middleman to keep things running smoothly.

Lyght Experience

The learning that happens here can be fun and exhilarating! We recognize that some learning is heavy, but even the toughest of subjects can be fun when you have the right combination of “Teacher – Student – Experience.” We want Lyghtly to be your go-to place for a fun learning experience.

Lyght Life

The world is full of possibilities! It may be time to kick up your heels and enjoy life by engaging in something that is a passion of yours. Is it music, language, cooking, dance, bull-fighting, or magic? What is your dream? We believe that life has enough troubles, and it may be time to go “Lyghtly” for a bit.
As you can see, we think outside the box when it comes to learning. We want Lyghtly to be a different kind of instructor/student experience. Our only goal is to help you connect with the right teacher so you can learn a new skill or hobby about which you can be passionate!

Why Lyghtly Is Here

Lyghtly was created to encourage and empower creative people to connect with today’s most talented instructors. We offer classes in a wide variety of skill sets including music, art, film, dance, cooking, writing, photography, design, and more! Our goal through Lyghtly is to have a community of people who are learning and teaching from one another in a safe, fun environment. We know that we are different from other online learning networks, and we’re okay with that! We want Lyghtly to belong to you!

Local Lessons

Finding just the right person to teach you a new skill or hobby can be a very personal experience. We all have different ideas of the ideal class and teacher. That’s why we want you to make Lyghtly everything you need for it to be – a safe place to connect with instructors who will meet with you — near your location — to give you the personal training you need to master a new skill.

We Love Our Lyghtly Instructors

Our teachers have the option to use Good Hire, the best background check provider around, to give you peace of mind as you schedule your classes. Good Hire is different from other background check services, checking for any criminal behavior even down to the county level. Our small charge of $10 for the background check is minimal, and it’s one way that we can make your Lyghtly experience safe and free of worry.
We also believe in protecting our instructors and making this a safe place for them. We take a minimal amount so our teachers can be adequately rewarded for their time and efforts. We also created this space so that teachers can promote themselves. This method makes it easy for qualified, experienced teachers to grow their followers in order to continue teaching to even more hungry students! It’s a win-win situation for both the teachers and students!

Why Lyghtly Is Unique

Lyghtly is not like any other online learning community. We pride ourselves on offering an environment that is warm, interesting, and innovative. Here are a few of the things that make us unique.

We are community-based.

Our efforts at Lyghtly are based on crowd-sourcing, meaning that you, as teachers and students, will collaborate to make this a place where you can learn, teach, and grow together to fulfill your passions. Your reviews and recommendations through social media and our website will boost the rankings of the best instructors.

We make it easy.

At Lyghtly, we make all of your options available right up front. You don’t have to sign in to see what’s available, and only have to provide information when you’re ready to schedule an appointment. All of the instructors’ profiles are visible, as well as all of the categories that are available.

We make it personal.

It’s important for us to know that you are happy with your Lyghtly experience. If you have a talent or skill that you’d love to teach others, we will create a category for you. If you’re a student that wants to learn a hobby, we will find instructors on that topic. Our goal is to make this website “yours,” so you can have the liberty to provide input for instructors and make more opportunities available for other people just like you.

We accommodate you.

When you decide to take a lesson, you can sign up right here on our website. You don’t need to contact your instructor or vice versa. If you need to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, you can easily make the changes on our website, and your instructor will be notified.

We treat our instructors well.

As a private tutor, we know that you need to be compensated well for your experience, time, and effort. That’s why we only charge a 15% fee for our services (most online tutoring services charge at least 25%) – meaning that you take home 85%. In addition, we promise to listen to our instructors if there are any issues because we know that Lyghtly is nothing without high-quality, responsible teachers who really care.

We go “Lyghtly.”

Per our name, our goal is to keep this community light, easy to use, and fun. No ads, no pop-ups, no unnecessary background noise. Our goal is to connect students and hobbyists with instructors who have had a background check and are highly-qualified. We are not here to micro-manage our subscribers. We want Lyghtly to be your community – the only place to go when you want to learn a new hobby, improve your grades, or develop a new skill.

We have an immensely powerful background checker.

The service we use, Good Hire, is a background checker that is second to none. We want you to feel safe and comfortable with the instructors that you hire. One of the best benefits of Good Hire is its ability to check even down to the county level. This means that you can sign up for classes with confidence.

We’re a little crazy – in a good way!

The Lyghtly philosophy is to live passionately. What does that mean for you? When you review all of the classes offered here at Lyghtly, you will likely see something that looks fascinating but is outside your comfort zone. What will the neighbors think? What if you can’t learn? What will your mom say? We believe that the “what-ifs” need to get booted out the door so you can enjoy life to the fullest and learn something new. What’s on your bucket list? Get started today on Lyghtly and never look back!

How can I find private lessons near me?

People ask us, “How can I find private lessons near me?” Our answer is: It’s easy!
Here’s the process:
  • Determine what class you would like to take. Lyghtly offers hundreds of choices, and if a category isn’t listed, contact us, and we’ll get to work on it. The sky’s the limit!
  • Once you decide on the class, you can find a teacher near you that offers private lessons. We encourage you to take the time to thoroughly review instructors’ profiles to find the perfect fit. You can then verify that the instructor offers lessons on a day and time that work with your schedule.
  • You can then sign up for the class you want, make your payment, and wait to hear back from the instructor. It’s really that easy!
Through our easy-to-use platform, we can connect you with a qualified instructor, allowing you to learn in the privacy of your own home or at a location specified by your instructor. If your favorite subject is being taught on the other side of the world, we can also accommodate you there. Many of our teachers have virtual lessons through webcams and online conference meeting places.
You can also connect with Lyghtly through our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – to stay in touch, connect with our online community, and learn about new and exciting classes being offered here at Lyghtly.
Here are some specific locations where you will find Lyghtly instructors: Cities We Serve